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Hydro and thermodynamic processes in the Black Sea-Land-Atmosphere system

Center's Name: M. Nodia Institute of Geophysics of Georgian Academy of Science
Project Acronym BSERP
Project Reference GIMG Ltd, Agreement # FM-89/1
Assosiated Programme
Begin Date 2005-01-10
End Date 2006-01-10
Ongoing 1
Geographical Coverage BSEC Region
Summary The principal goal of the project is to develop the scientific fundamentals for implementation of operational monitoring and forecasting system of hydro thermo dynamical fields in the Black Sea and the atmosphere and for forecast of regional climate changes in BSEC Region through development of a coupled hydro dynamical model of the system sea land atmosphere. Besides, on the basis of a regional geographical informational system (GIS) along with its part Climate cartographic models of climatic and agro climatic potential of the Region will be developed; the tendency of change of a regional climate in nearest decades will be estimated. The hydrodynamical model of the system the Black Sea land atmosphere take into account interaction between separate objects of the natural environment. It is necessary to note, that ocean atmosphere global numerical models because of rough spatial resolution, cannot describe regional features of the basic physical processes. For example, in such models Black and Caspian Seas do not exist, and the complex relief of Caucasus is practically ignored. Therefore, the interest for modeling of regional processes, including for the Black Sea region considerably grows. The analysis of the modern geophysical literature shows, that now regional coupled model the sea atmosphere based on full hydro thermodynamic equation systems of the ocean and atmosphere is not realized, though in some works separate aspects of small scale interaction between the sea and the atmosphere on the basis of simplified equations are considered. Nowadays, the development of the regional coupled model the sea land atmosphere is very actual and has the large scientific and practical significance for BSEC countries. Besides that it will be used for studying the complex hydro thermo dynamic processes proceeding in the system Black Sea atmosphere as in uniform hydro thermo dynamic system, the coupled model will be used for the decision of a lot of practical problems. The coupled model becomes a basis of the operational monitoring and forecasting system which will allow BSEC countries to receive the operative information on the physical parameters describing current and future states of the Black Sea environment and the atmosphere. Thus, application of model for forecast of weather, the Black Sea currents, temperature and salinity fields becomes possible, that the whole will promote steady development of BSEC countries and effective environmental management.
Reference GIMG Ltd, Agreement # FM-89/1
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