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Port of Poti, Berth 15 Interim EIA Study

Center's Name: Scientific - Research Firm "GAMMA"
Project Acronym Chenel Energy Poti-2005
Project Reference GIMG Ltd, Agreement # FM-89/1
Assosiated Programme
Begin Date 1999-01-01
End Date 2000-01-01
Ongoing 1
Geographical Coverage Port of Poti
Summary Construction of a new terminal for handling of container, general and bulk cargo is a part of the Poti port rehabilitation project. Berth 15, is located in the southern part of the inner harbor. Mitsubishi Corporation has decided to invest in reconstruction of berth No15. The project for reconstruction of the berth includes construction of a new berth and warehouse complex. The new berth will be used for handling of containers, general and bulk cargo, as well as the special cargo except for oil and oil products; projected annual capacity of the berth is 0.8 1.0 mil t. The berth will serve ships with the dead-weight up to 50 thou. T. SRF Gamma was asked to prepare the EIA interim report. The interim EIA study was designed to identify and assess the impact of the projected activities construction and operation phase on nature, social, economical and cultural conditions. Information about physical, biological and socio-economical environment was set out. The geology of the site was analyzed in particular tectonic submersion. The characters of the coastal line development process, wave regime, hydro meteorologicalconditions, etc. were described. An overview of flora, fauna, protected areas and recreation resources was presented. Collected were sea water and bottom sediments and soil samples from territory. They were analyzed in laboratory complex of scientific-research firm Gamma. The results of analysis were compared with existing information. The analysis of environmental impact demonstrated, that the construction of new terminal does not have significant negative effects on the environmental components.
Reference GIMG Ltd, Agreement # FM-89/1
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