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Environmental Baseline Study for New Oil Terminal. Port of Poti

Center's Name: Scientific - Research Firm "GAMMA"
Project Acronym Poti Oil Terminal
Project Reference GIMG Ltd, Agreement # FM-89/1
Assosiated Programme
Begin Date 1999-03-01
End Date 1999-04-01
Ongoing 1
Geographical Coverage Georgia sector of the Black sea, Poti sea area
Summary Multiple projects dealing with construction and rehabilitation of port of Poti facilities were under way. The area carries significant environmental loadings. For this reason every possible negative impact on environment arising from construction and operation of any new facility in the area must be highlighted and practical means for the minimization of impact identified. The terminal is to be used for handling and storing of oil and oil products heavy oil, diesel fuel. According to the design on land trestle, pumping stations, reservoirs, pipeline system and underwater pipeline system, dam-buoy facilities are to be constructed. The whole system is to be integrated into existing infrastructure of port. In order to evaluate the potential impact of the terminal on the environment a wide range of activities were completed successfully. Geological mechanisms including tectonic influences were considered. Coast line development patterns and wave regimes were discussed. Hydrometeorological conditions were reviewed. Also considered were: an ecological audit of the site including a general description of the present situation; evaluation of water, sediment and soil pollution with oil products and heavy metals; assessment of sanitary state; appraisal of background radiation; assessment of air quality propagation and limits for air pollutants and noise.
Reference GIMG Ltd, Agreement # FM-89/1
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