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Petroleum products handling and storage terminal Port of Poti

Scientific - Research Firm "GAMMA"
Project Acronym Chenel Energy Poti-2005
Project Reference GIMG Ltd, Agreement # FM-89/1
Assosiated Programme
Begin Date 1999-01-01
End Date 2000-01-01
Ongoing 1
Geographical Coverage Port of Poti
Summary In order to evaluate potential impacts of the terminal on the environment a wide range of activity was carried out successfully. Geological processes including tectonic influences were considered. Coast line development patterns and wave regimes were discussed. Hydrometheorological conditions were reviewed. Ecological audit of the site has been accomplished. The latter included: general description of the present situation; evaluation of water, sediment and soil pollution with oil products and heavy metals; assessment of sanitary state; appraisal of background radiation; assessment of air quality, propagation and limits for air pollutants and noise. Bottom sediments, soil and water samples were collected from the Project Area and analyzed. Results of analysis were compared with available information. Average values for heavy metal concentrations in bottom sediments were calculated. TPH and BTEX contamination was studied. The main potential impacts were identified utilizing a classical matrix method with project activities and environmental parameters were as axes. Analysis of environmental impact showed, that the construction of the new oil terminal does not have significant negative effects on environment.
Reference GIMG Ltd, Agreement # FM-89/1
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