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The eastern Black sea environmental baseline survey, offshore republic of Georgia

Center's Name: Scientific - Research Firm "GAMMA"
Project Acronym Anadarco 2000
Project Reference GIMG Ltd, Agreement # FM-89/1
Assosiated Programme
Begin Date 2000-10-01
End Date 2000-11-01
Ongoing 1
Geographical Coverage Georgian Black Sea shelf zone
Summary In October 2000, a baseline environmental survey was conducted within Anadarkos lease area Blocks B and C in the eastern Black Sea off the coast of the Republic of Georgia. The survey area extended in an east-west direction from the Georgia shoreline to about 30 nmi offshore and in a north-south direction from the southern border with Turkey north to the force major line bordering the contested area offshore of the Abkhazia region. The primary purpose of the survey was to develop baseline environmental information to support an Environmental Impact Assessment for a planned exploratory drilling program. These data included hydrographic profiles of the water column, chemical and biological analyses of water samples, and chemical and biological analyses of sediment samples. Collected sediment and water samples were analyzed on the board; part of them was sent to Tbilisi and tested in the chemical laboratory of scientific research firm Gamma. The whole task including field works (2 weeks), laboratory activities and presentation took 2 months. Receiving data are treated by GIS program and the maps of distribution of chemical elements are created.
Reference GIMG Ltd, Agreement # FM-89/1
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