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Complex Ecological and Microclimatic Investigation of Ureki-Shekvetili Health-Resort Zone, Black Sea

Center's Name: Iv.Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Centre of Relations with UNESCO Oceanological Research Centre and GeoDNA (UNESCO)
Project Acronym not provided
Project Reference SfP 977991
Assosiated Programme Georgia National Science Foundation
Begin Date 2008-01-01
End Date 2009-12-31
Ongoing 1
Geographical Coverage Between the rivers Supsa and Natanebi, Ureki-Shekvetili Health-Resort Zone, Black Sea coastal area
Summary The health-resort-recreation resources are among the most significant natural resources of Georgia.  Their effective use can cause substantial economical and financial development. Among resort resources of Black Sea shore zone 11km length and 30-50m width section between the rivers Supsa and Natanebi with different quality of magnetite concentration sands is distinguished for its uniqueness.  Results of complex ecological and microclimatic investigation:
The analysis of natural-geographic landscapes of the zone and adjacent territories resulted in the identification of 10 control points within the coastal line of the rivers of Supsa and Natanebi as well as within the Black Sea coastal line and its adjacent territory. Samples for the research were taken at  (2008-2009year) the control points located within the coastal line and river bank line. During the 5 field expeditions were taken sea water (SW), river water (RW), drinking water samples, soil samples, sea bottom sediment (BS-S) and river bottom (BS-R) sediment samples. All parameters described in the project objectives were investigated. Microclimatic observation were carried out and identified Iodine concentration  in the air.

              Their spatial depiction were  implemented by GIS systems and using GPS.  
Reference SfP 977991
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