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Center's Name: Poti Sea Port Ltd
Center's Host: Poti Sea Port Ltd
Center's Address: 52.D.Agmashenebeli str.4401, City of Poti, Georgia
Country: GE FILES\CENTRE.doc#_Hlk150085943 1,170,214,0,,
Collate Name: Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Geography and Geo-Ecology, UNESCO Oceanological Research Centre, Tbilisi, Georgia
Description: Poti Sea Port is a cross point of the Caucasian Corridor. It is a one of the central part of the TRACECA project. Proceeding from the present situation in Georgia, establishment of a common European market and development of cooperation with the Asian countries have caused a necessity of revising the existing communication systems and provided a basis for an idea of the infrastructure integration. All activity of PSP is directed on maintenance of the secure operating conditions and berthing of all vessels calling at port, their qualitative service, safe handling of all cargo passing through a port, environmental protection on the base of established norms and rules pursuant to requirements of the International Conventions, Legislation of Georgia, International and National Standards. PSP is seeking to maintain and develop prestige at the international level, together with the established business cooperation with the customer, provider, scientific -surveying institutes, projecting organizations and other partners. EU and other countries actively participate in the process of the Poti sea Port modernization.

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